More than 30 years of experience in supplying to major domestic and international Oil&Gas projects

Double wire fence

Double wire fence system. Mesh: 50x200 mm. Double horizontal wires Ø 8mm, vertical wires Ø 6 mm. Panel width 2500mm with variable heights up to 2400mm. Rectangular, square or peach posts, with top plastic caps. Fixings with stainless steel bolts and plastic covers. Finishing: Hot dip galvanisation or polyester powder coating in color RAL 6005 above hot dip galvanization

Press Locked Grating

Press locked gratings are made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. The bearing bars are notched and, at the same time, locked with cross bar at a pressure of 5,000 kN. This particular production method guarantees a uniform precision mesh size. The edge of the press locked gratings is banded either with a T-shaped special section or a flat bar. When requested, bearing bars and cross bars are produced with serrated anti-skid design

Press-welded Grating

Press welded gratings are supplied in panels according to customer's drawings. The bearing bars and the twisted square cross bars are cut to grating size before the cross bars are locked into the bearing bars at a pressure of 1000 kN and — simultaneously — electrically welded at 2500 KVA into one unit. Press welded gratings are manufactured in various mesh sizes providing loading characteristics according to UNI and DIN norms. Typical distance between bearing bars is 15, 20, 25, 30, 34 mm. Cross bars are normally twisted square bars od diameter 4.5 to 7mm. Panels are supplied hot dip galvanised as per ISO 1461 or ASTM 123. One special form of press welded grating is offshore grating details of which can be  found in the download area


U-beams (UPN, UPE), I (IPN, IPE), H (HEAA, HEA, HEB, HEM) supplied cut to size and according to customer's drawings (straight or angled cuts, drilled , notched, blasted and pre-painted with primer or galvanised)


Hot and Cold Rolled plates, in every thickness supplied in commercial sheets or cut to customer’s drawings.

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