More than 30 years of experience in supplying to major domestic and international Oil&Gas projects


3 Layer Polyethylene Coated Pipes

Pipes are externally coated according to norms UNI 9099 - DIN 30670. The polyethylene is applied by extrusion with variable thickness according to customer's specification. The pipes are blast cleaned and then sprayed with epoxy primer. It follows the application of the second and the third layer extruded one over the other. The tube is then cooled and marked.

TEE Filters / Y type Filters

"TEE" filters and "Y" type filters with flanged ends are manufactured in accordance to ANSI norms according to customer needs and project specification. The filtering element is made of stainless steel wire mesh or microperforated stainless steel sheet.   

Finned copper-nickel tubes

Copper-nickel pipes according to ASTM B111 with welded copper fins 


CATALYST TUBE in 25C/35Ni+Nb diffent size

Rotating Soot Blowers


Retractable soot blowers


Tubes for heat exchangers

U-Tubes are used in heat exchangers, condensers, pre-heaters and other applications. U-Tubes are manufactured in accordance to TEMA, ASTM A 688 specifications and to customer design.

Spiral finned tubes for a refinery fired heater

Spiral finned tubes for heat exchangers in round or eliptical shapes. They can be manufactured in variOus combination of steel according to customer needs.

Longitudinal finned tubes

Longitudinal Finned Tubes are manufactured  by welding fins in the longitudinal direction of the tube.  The maximum number of fins depend upon the tube diameter (the larger the OD of the tube, the greater is the maximum number of fins). Finned tubes are manufactured according to Customers requirements, height and number of fins.

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